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Using Formula

eReport depends on poi so you should be able to use any formula that is valid using poi. Currently we are using an older version of poi but hope to test eReport with the latest version soon.

eReport includes constants that can be used in your formula expressions. When designing your report you may not know exactly what row you are referencing, these contants allow you to reference the row you are currently processing as well as the last row defined and the first row referenced by a RESULTSET element. You can also reference rows by adding or subtracting from any of these constants. These constants include

  • [%CurrentRow%] represents the row we are currently processing
  • [%LastRow%] is the last row we processed in the worksheet
  • [%FROWOFRS%] is the first row of the last RESULTSET element defined.
  • [%LROWOFRS%] is the last row of the last RESULTSET element defined

An example:

  •  ><VALUE Type="Formula">D[%CurrentRow%]&E[%CurrentRow-1%]</VALUE>  
     would become D3&E2 if we were processing row #3.

Please Note:

Not all types of formula are supported. As stated we use poi to create the spreadsheets and only formula that are valid in poi will work here as well.