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Chapter 2. Eclipse Plugin


The Eclipse plugin for eReport was created to help create the eReport XML definition file. It includes a visual designer as well as a text view. You can run the Parser from within eclipse to create your spreadsheet. To use the plugin you must have the Eclipse GEF plugin 2.1 installed.

Eclipse Plugin Installation

If you do not have Eclipse 2.1 or the GEF 2.1 plugin you will have to get them from www.eclipse.org. Once you have Eclipse installed you can download the eReport plugin (The plugin is in the file sharing area of ereport.tigris.org). Once you have downloaded the plugin you extract the eReport zip file in your Eclipse plugins directory. This will create two new plugins.

Eclipse Plugin use

To get started with eReport you need an open project. If you do not have a existing project you can create a new one by clicking on File, selecting New and clicking Project. If this project is only for eReport use select Simple and click the Next button. From here you give your project a name and click finish. Once you have an open project you can use the eReport wizard to get a template eReport definition file. To start the wizard click on File select New and click Other. Choose Simple and select eReport Wizard and click the Next button. If needed choose a folder and give the eReport definition file a name or use the defaults. Click finish and the wizard will create skeleton eReport definition file and open it for you.

To use all the features of the visual designer you should open a properties view, outline view, navigator view, and eReport Console View. These are all available from the window menu if they are not already open (you may have to click other to see all available options). To add Elements to the visual designer you click on the Element you want on the pallete and then click on the visual designer where you want to drop the Element. The properties view allows you to modify the value of each Element and its attributes. You can also edit the XML file by hand by choosing to edit the file in source mode by using the source tab. Once you have your definition file created you can create your excel file by clicking File and then Run XML to run the parser.